Do not work for food that spoils,
but for food that endures to eternal life. (1)
You are looking for me
because you ate the loaves and had your fill,
not because you saw miraculous signs. (2)

After feeding five thousand people from compassion (3) —
those who were harassed and helpless,
those who were like sheep without a shepherd (4) —
Jesus’s compassion changed to rebuking.
Are you following me for food to eat?

Why are you following me?
To see miracles or mysteries?
To enjoy eating or religious entertainment?
What do you want from me?
You are seeking for food that spoils.

Without the spiritual understanding of heavenly mystery,
you are seeking amazing miracles on earth.
Without serious questions concerning yourself,
you are seeking religious answers.
You work for food that spoils your life

What should we do for authentic life? (5)
Yes! You are lively, reasonable and wise in your question.
Walk with, work with and follow me in my journey.
Learn from me for I am the way, the truth and the life. (6)
You will find rest for your souls. (7)

Rev. Yong Sub Sim

Poem based on John 6:27.
(1) John 6:27
(2) John 6:26
(3) Matthew 14:14
(4) Matthew 9:36, Mark 6:34
(5) John 6:28
(6) John 14:6
(7) Matthew 11:29