Not only the religious leaders in the noisy city,
the people in the big city misunderstood Him also,
denied, hated and picked up stones to stone Him. (1)
He escaped out of their hands. (2)

Where did He go?
He went back to the place where he was baptized;
He retreated to where John had been baptizing. (3)
He is reminded of that day.

He sees heaven being torn open again,
The Spirit descending on him like a dove. (4)
He hears the voice that spoke from heaven into the wilderness,
“You are my Son; I love you. I am well pleased with you.” (5)

With heavenly peace and joy, He stayed in the rough wilderness.
And many people followed Him from the city for their souls.
They left the city—not to see a reed swayed by the wind, and
Not to see fine clothes for those who wear fine clothes are in the city— (6)
They left the city to follow Him in the rough wilderness.

Many believed in Him there—
Those who left the city where desires and ambitions reign,
Those who came to hear the voice from heaven,
Those who left their ordinary life of following the ways of the world.
They believed in Him in the rough wilderness.

– Rev. Yong Sub Sim

Poem based on John 10:40-42

(1) John 10:31
(2) John 10:39
(3) John 10:40
(4) Mark 1:10
(5) Mark 1:11
(6) Matthew 11:7-9

Image from manfredrichter on Pixabay.