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Loving  through Serving

Rev. Dr. Yong Sub Sim

Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Yong Sub Sim

Master of Theology, Methodist Theological Seminary and Graduate School (Korea)
Doctor of Ministry, Southern Methodist University
Doctoral dissertation - The Theological Structure for Forming Christian Vocational Spirituality: A Practical Method for the Whole of the Christian Life in the Church Community.

Rev. Sim was called as a servant of the Lord in 1981. After six years of study at the Korean Methodist Theological Seminary, he was ordained in 1994. He served the Korean Methodist Church as a senior pastor for fourteen years.

In 2004, Rev. Sim and his family moved to El Paso, Texas. Rev. Sim served as the senior pastor to the Korean United Methodist Church in El Paso for thirteen years. In 2017, he was appointed to St. Mark's United Methodist Church. Rev. Sim received his Doctor of Ministry from Southern Methodist University in 2022.

Rev. Sim is married to Hyun Won Sim. They have two grown children, Han Sol and Ye Eun. Rev. Sim enjoys photographing nature when he has the opportunity.

Our Staff

Katerina Scott, Church Secretary

Katerina Scott
Church Secretary

Katerina grew up in Golden, Colorado. She holds an undergraduate degree in physics from the Colorado School of Mines and a Masters in Apologetics from Houston Baptist University.

Katerina is married to Gary Scott, a native Oklahoman. They moved to Midland in 1998 and have endured the ups and downs of the oil industry ever since. They have two grown sons, David and Daniel. For relaxation Katerina likes to read, solve Sudokus, and work jigsaw puzzles. 

Alta Striggles-Lee

Alta Striggles-Lee
Pianist and Choir Director

Alta is our incredibly talented and incredibly busy pianist and choir director. We are blessed to have her commute from Plainview every Sunday to share her talents with us. 

Alta is married to Dawn Lee. They have an adorable little boy, Malachi.

Our Church Leaders

Sometimes it is hard to know who to talk to if you have an idea or question. Hopefully this information will help point you in the right direction. 

Church leaders work with the pastor in planning and implementing of our programs of worship, mission, outreach and nurture. Church leaders provide the administration of the church. They envision, plan, implement and annually evaluate the church's mission and ministry.

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The Church Council Chair

The Church Council Chair leads the Cabinet meetings and the annual Church Council meeting.

Our church council chair is Gary Scott.

Katerina Scott

Worship Coordinator

The worship chair works closely with the pastor to provide a holy worship service focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our worship coordinator is Katerina Scott.

Hyun Won Sim Working

Mission Coordinator

Then mission coordinator oversees our efforts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to others and to share the love of God with our neighbors.

Hyun Won Sim is our mission coordinator.

Hyun Won Sim - Nurture

Nurture Coordinator

The nurture coordinator serves the church community through providing opportunities for education and fellowship. 

Our nurture coordinator is Hyun Won Sim.

Becky and Desiree Sebree

Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Chair

The staff/pastor-parish relations chair is responsible for administering the relationship between staff, congregation, and district superintendent so that the mission of the church moves forward. Her activities include pastor and staff encouragement, church unity, and staff details (job descriptions, evaluations, benefits, and personnel policies). 

Becky Sebree is the chair of SPPRC.

Jerry Sebree

Trustees Chair

The trustees chair has oversight and care of all property belonging to the church (property, grounds, equipment, investments, and resources) so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective.

Jerry Sebree is the chair of our trustees.

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Finance Chair

This finance chair guides the church council in stewardship of the church’s financial resources. He proposes the budget; raises, manages and distributes the church's financial resources; and audits the accounts. All this is directed toward supporting and strengthening the mission and ministry of the congregation.

Our finance chair is Gary Scott.

Nominations and Leadership Development Committee

The nominations committee helps church members identify their gifts and strengths and it calls people into leadership and Christian service within the church. The committee also guides the church council on matters regarding leadership in the congregation.

The pastor is the chair of nominations and leadership development.

The members of this committee are: 

  • Rev. Yong Sub Sim
  • Katerina Scott
  • Becky Sebree
Pastor Sim

And some other useful information...

Safe Sanctuary Policies: As followers of Christ, our calling and our mandate include providing safe sanctuary for God’s people. Our church must be a holy, safe and protective community for all of God's people.