Spiritual Academy

Socrates said the unexamined life was not worth living.

Jesus teaches that the examined life is worth living
because your most excellent life can be found.

Do you have 24 hours to invest in finding the most excellent way for your life?

To find the answers for your best life invest 24 hours in yourself.

최고의 삶을 위한 답을 찾으려면 24시간을 자신에게 투자하십시오.

The Spiritual Academy is for everyone with questions about life.
Christians can build a strong structure of Christian spirituality.
Everyone can find their answers for their life.

Will you invest in yourself?

자신에게 투자하시겠습니까?


First six weeks: Understanding

  • Understanding the problems which the church and the world confront
  • Understanding human beings and the essence and potential of humanity
  • Understanding Jesus as the most excellent way for human beings

Second six weeks: Building

  • How to build a spiritual relationship with Jesus
  • How to build Christian vocational spirituality
  • How to build a vocational church

Resource: The Theological Structure for Forming Christian Vocational Spirituality

A copy of the book Forming Christian Vocational Spirituality: A Practical Method for the Whole of the Christian Life in the Church Community, by Rev. Dr. Yong Sub Sim, will be provided to all who register and attend the class.


Rev. Dr. Yong Sub Sim

Rev. Sim has been a pastor within the Methodist church for over 30 years. He began his ministry in South Korea. In 2004 he moved to El Paso, Texas, where he served as pastor over a Korean immigrant church in the United Methodist Church. In 2017 he was appointed to St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Midland, Texas.

Rev. Sim earned his Doctor of Ministry at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Rev. Sim is also a certified pastoral counselor.

Expected Outcomes

What you can expect to gain from attending:

  • Christian spirituality - Our spirituality forms the structure of faith. This structure provides power for faith, worship and overcoming secularized culture.
  • Vocational identity - Our vocational identity comes from Jesus in the New Testament. We return to the original source of Christain vocational spirituality.
  • Wholeness - Through Jesus, we find the most excellent way for every stage of life.
  • Revitalized church life - Through understanding Jesus and his church, our worship is renewed, and we can explain its value and invite others into worship.

Why this is valuable to churches and church members:

  • Restores the original spiritual source of Christian faith
  • Responds to the crises confronting the church and the world
  • Responds to America's trend of people seeking spirituality apart from religion
  • Renews the church community

Invest in yourself!

자신에게 투자하십시오!

Our next seminar is not yet scheduled, but if you have a group of 7-12 interested people, we will work with you to arrange a seminar for you.

We can also add your name to our waiting list if you would like us to contact you as soon as the next seminar is scheduled.


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