Because I am different from you,
Because my thought is different from yours,
Because my language is different from yours,
Because you are uncomfortable with me,
Do you call me crazy?

Did you say I am not a Jew?
Did you say I am a Samaritan?
Will you pay attention to my language?
Will you understand my teaching
if I am a Jew and not a Samaritan?

If Moses speaks my teaching, will you believe it?
Has not Moses given you the law?
Yet not one of you keeps the law.
What do you believe?
Why are you trying to kill me?” (1)

You say, “You are crazy.” (2)
No! I am not crazy!
I only glorify God and show you my Father. (3)
Because I do what you do not want,
Because I speak truth, am I crazy?

Rev. Yong Sub Sim

Poem based on John 8:49-52

(1) John 7:19
(2) John 7:20
(3) John 8:49

Image by coastventures from Pixabay.