“How can these things be?”
Are you surprised at my saying
you must be born again? (1)
Aren’t you a teacher and leader of Israel?
Do you not understand these things? (2)

I do not consider what you say about me:
You are our teacher who has come from God.
You have performed miraculous and holy signs.
If God was not working in you, you could not perform
these amazing and mysterious things. (3)

I tell you the truth for your life,
no one can enter the kingdom of God
without being born again with the Spirit. (4)
This mystery does not need your performance.
The Spirit must grasp your spirit.

Open your deep heart-mind to the truth.
Activate your senses to the quiet voice in spirit.
As the wind blows where it wishes but you hear its sound,
the Spirit of freedom touches and calls you.
You should not be surprised at this mystery.

– Rev. Yong Sub Sim

Poem based on John 3:9.

(1) John 3:7
(2) John 3:10
(3) John 3:2
(4) John 3:5